Our Products

Wool from Australia

With our good connection we can supply wool tops , open tops, scoured wool and noils micron range from 14.5 up to mic 31 and if request we can go down till 13 mic on standard basis.

Wool from Uruguay

uruguay woolWe are leader in supplying high quality of wool tops, open tops, scoured and noils from 17 up to 32 mic on standard basis, in the same range all year round, and for any quantity.

Wool from Argentina

Argentina wool
We supply wool tops, open tops, scoured and noils from 17.5 mic up to 32 mic on standard basis, all year round.

Wool from Europe

Europe wool
We are well known worldwide as a good supplier of wool tops, scoured and greasy from Spain mic range 23,5 up to 30 mic, and also from Germany and England.

Mohair from South Africa

Sud africa Mohair
We have selected the highest qualities produces   to supply our customers with  the best mohair tops or scoured ,  in superkid, kid, youg goat and adult suitable for weaving or knitting .

Mohair from Argentina

Argentina Mohair
We can provide good qualities of mohair in tops or scoured from mic 27,5 up to 31

Mohair from Turkey

Turchia Mohair
We can provide good qualities of mohair in tops or scoured from mic 29,0  up to 38 mic

Alpaca from Peru and Bolivia

Aplaca Perù BoliviaWe have facilities to find and supply Alpaca white and natural color in tops or web in BABY, superfine coarse on request. We can also provide Huarizo and Suri.

Llama from Bolivia and Argentina: We can provide Llama tops from 27 mic up to 31 mic in full range of colors.

Vicuna and Guanaco fibers: We have good opportunity to provide in good quantity but only on customers request both fibers with Cites Certificate.

Cashmere from China and Mongolia: We can supply cashmere fibers in tops or fibers with stock service in  Europe or from China

Yak: We can supply yak special fibre with stock service in Europe

Camelhair: We can supply this special hair fibre with stock service in Europe.

Angora: We can supply Angora fibers. About 90% of the supply comes from China, we can also supply Angora from Argentina and Chile.

Silk: We can supply various types of this natural fibres in top or sliver.


Speciality from the  dyeing mill

We are proud to inform all our customers that we can supply a huge range of treatment:

  1. Super Wash, Total Easy Care, Soft Luster, Basolan and Mercerised
  2. Carbonized noils and scoured
  3. For the full range of our products  we can dye or print in tops or in Vigoreaux from one up to 4 colors  on customer requirements
  4. We can also PROVIDE treatments flame retardant and water repellent

We can supply for all products the following Certificates: ISO 9001 – ICEA – OEKO – TEX – REACH